About the Brand

Jaxsea (pronounced jax-sea) is a combination of her nick name Jax, and her endless love for the sea. The Jaxsea brand is inspired by a woman who lives to spend her life by the sea, under the warm sun with her feet in the cool water. She is driven by adventure, the beautiful places she travels to and the amazing and gracious people she meets.  She goes for what she wants, knows who she is, and always stays true to herself. She lives in the moment.


"Your Escape,"  the endless summer days of Hawaii.  The feel of the warm turquoise water, the smell of the fragrant Plumeria flower,  the sound of the wind swayed palm trees, and the sweet taste of a fresh coconut.  Its the "ahhh" moment we all can't get enough of.

Its Your Escape.


Owner & Designer

Jax grew up in Southern California with a passion for surfing and the free spirited beach lifestyle.  Living in swimsuits daily, she was familiar with the construction of swimwear design. Wanting to make something of her own, Jax made her first swimsuit in college after a few sewing lessons from her mom. Thats when she knew she wanted to be a swimwear designer. When she moved to Maui, she was inspired to create cover ups/kimonos to go with her future swimwear line. 

Jaxsea was born on Maui 2014. 

For the first two years, Jaxsea kimonos were handmade by herself from her two bedroom apartment. To keep up with the demand of this successful kimono line and progress towards her ultimate goal of designing swimwear, her gorgeous cover-ups are now produced in Southern California. Jaxsea remains close to all product development and has full creative control of inspiration and design. All Jaxsea product is limited, inspired and designed on the beautiful islands of Maui and NOW made in sunny California USA.